Gansu Huaan Biotechnology Group has become one of the strongest casein producers with the strongest technical strength and production capacity in China since its establishment in 2001. It ranks among the top 100 private enterprises in Gansu Province. As a strategic emerging backbone enterprise, key agriculture industrialization leading enterprise and high-tech enterprise in Gansu Province, it have established 6 production bases in Gansu, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Kazakhstan and other places, with its products sold to more than 50 large and medium-sized cities in China and exported to the United States, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, Middle East and many other countries and regions.

  • 300,000

    300,000 square meters of production base

  • 30+

    Provide more than 30 different series of products

  • 19

    Have 19 years of export experience

  • 200,000

    Produce 200,000 tons of various products cumulatively

  • Scientific prowess
  • Talent pool
  • Technology development
  • Innovation to lead
  • Scientific prowess

    The research and development fund reached more than 4.5% of the Company's sales, and the research equipment level was in the forefront of the industry

  • Talent pool

    Actively introduce talents and cultivate excellent teams, and the number of senior professional title staff in enterprises has reached over 22%

  • Technology development

    By improving the Company's technology level and product technology content, the contribution rate of science and technology reaches more than 80%

  • Innovation to lead

    More than 8 new products, new processes and new technology projects are completed every year, and the annual growth rate is over 10%



Ma Hongsheng of Gansu Huaan Biotechnology Group won the honorary title of "National Labor Model"

On November 24, the 2020 national workers'model and advanced workers'commendation conference was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Party and state leaders attended the conference and warmly received the national workers'model and advanced workers'commendation. Ma Hongsheng, an employee of Gansu Huaan Biotechnology Group, won the title of "National Model Worker in 2020" , according to the General Office of the Communist Party of China and State Council General Office's decision on the 2020 national model worker and Advanced Worker Award.

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